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    Blue Ocean Foundation Water Purifier RO membrane eHeikki industry Water Purifier RO membrane elements routine cleaning procedures are as follows:At 60psi (4bar) or lower under conditions of low pressure flushing, from the cleaning tank (or equi…

    ABOUT US 关于亚搏娱乐中心

    Weifang Kanghua Biotech Co.,Ltd was foundedin1996 and located in Weifang, which is at the intersection of two nationalstrategic economic zone and renowned as the world’s kite metropolis. WeifangKanghua Biotech Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specilized in research,manufacturing and trading of in Vitro Diagnostic(IVD) products and MedicalEquipment. The annual sales of our products can simply exceed hundreds ofmillions of RMB with over ten million tax payment, which keeps us stay in theforefront of the domestic IVD industry market.Weifang kanghua has a total areaof 60,000 m2, covers the construction area of over 30,000 m2,with GMP workshop area of 20,000 m2. Now we have more than 600employees, over 60% of them have bachelor degree or above.

    Aftermore than twenty years of development, relying on deep technical accumulation, Weifang kanghua has been at the leading level of independent research in domesitic IVD industry. At present, our registered products have reached 200 kinds with sixseris, including Colloidal Gold, ELISA, Chemiluminescence, Chemistry Reagents,Microorganism and Medical Equipment. We are one of the very few companies whichhave such long product lines and so many approval numbers of the products...


    Knowledge of ultra-pure water mach…

    Water, also known as pure water, is to meet the drinking water health standards for water as raw water by electrodialysis, i…

    Blue Ocean Foundation Water Machin…

    Attainment by wastewater treatment, water machine wastewater treatment technologies can be divided into primary, secondary a…

    On the phenomenon of reverse osmos…

    RO reverse osmosis principle: we must first understand the "infiltration" concept. Osmosis is a physical phenomeno…

    bof multifunctional water machine

    Traditional mechanisms of pure water pure high cost and low efficiency. With the continuous development of science and techn…

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